“There are many women prepared for upper management positions and we have to give them a voice”

Women’s Leadership in Media Act of the US Chamber of Commerce in Spain. Yesterday, the American Chamber of Commerce in Spain (AmChamSpain) celebrated the Balcony Group kick-off, an association of female journalists which works to promote women’s professional development in the world of communications and has signed a collaboration agreement with AmChamSpain, specifically with its Gender Diversity & Inclusion Committee.  The event,…


‘Female Leadership: The Impact on Organizations’ by IE Professors

Authors: Julio de Castro, Professor and Director of Doctoral Programs at IE Business School; Rachida Justo, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship at IE Business School; and Luisa Delgado-Márquez, Research Fellow at IE Business School. Previously published on IE Insights. Women’s presence on management teams is generally associated with a stronger social commitment and a more participatory leadership style. An analysis of women’s…


Kriti Jain, professor at IE, is Thinkers50 Thinker of the month

An assistant professor at IE Business School, Jain’s research focuses on judgment and decision making. She is particularly interested in developing an understanding on how individuals and groups make assessments about future uncertainty and how personality traits, emotions, and decision frames influence judgments. She also maintains interest in areas of negotiation and conflict management. “When…


Women in Construction

((Article only available in Spanish))  Originalmente publicado en Vogue: Construir en Femenino. Martha Thorne, directora del Premio Pritzker, y Odile Decq, fundadora del estudio que lleva su nombre, se reúnen para debatir sobre los límites del género en la arquitectura. Más de la mitad de estudiantes de arquitectura de Europa son mujeres, pero al mercado…


Girl power: why politics needs more female talent

The world will become a better place for both genders when women get a fair share of influence.


Written by Alyssa McMurtry

The article sites a study conducted by Margarita Mayo, professor of leadership at IE Business School, that suggests that despite their success, women are generally more affected by criticism.



A Nobel Prize in diversity?

The tiny proportion of women and non-white winners underscores the need to reconfigure our human structures to allow talent to flourish. http://shapingthefuture.economist.com/nobel-prize-diversity/ Written by James Badcock The author cites Celia De Anca professor of global diversity at IE Business School and Director of the IE Center for Diversity in Global Management in her views on…