It’s a village of hard working, good hearted, and active contributors who I thank for my past, present, and future successes.

  This post would’ve never happened without: parents who instilled skills of resourcefulness, perseverance, and work-ethics from the start; a third-grade teacher who first saw potential in me and who loaned my parents money to buy my first computer; a sixth-grade teacher who believed in me and helped me apply to Phillips Academy; college professors…


Girl power: why politics needs more female talent

The world will become a better place for both genders when women get a fair share of influence.

Written by Alyssa McMurtry

The article sites a study conducted by Margarita Mayo, professor of leadership at IE Business School, that suggests that despite their success, women are generally more affected by criticism.



A Nobel Prize in diversity?

The tiny proportion of women and non-white winners underscores the need to reconfigure our human structures to allow talent to flourish. Written by James Badcock The author cites Celia De Anca professor of global diversity at IE Business School and Director of the IE Center for Diversity in Global Management in her views on…


Is It OK for a Bunch of Men to Lead a “Women in the Workforce” ?

Gender equality is not a “women’s issue” — it’s a huge political, economic, and social opportunity. It is a massive business issue that more than 75% of corporate CEOs currently put on their agenda of top 10 issues.

The post discusses various aspects of this opportunity.