“The Different Reasons Men and Women Leave Their Successful Startups”

E Business School professor Rachida Justo challenges both the prevalence of failure overall and women’s higher failure rates in her Harvard Business Review article “The Different Reasons Men and Women Leave Their Successful Startups”: https://hbr.org/2017/02/the-different-reasons-men-and-women-leave-their-successful-startups

Taking care of business: the impact of culture and gender on entrepreneurs’ blended value creation goals

We examine entrepreneurs’ economic, social, and environmental goals for value creation for their new ventures. Drawing on ethics of care and theories of societal post-materialism, we develop a set of hypotheses predicting patterns of value creation across gender and countries. Using a sample of 15,141 entrepreneurs in 48 countries from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, we…


IE Visible Fridays for Women

What Are Visible Fridays? Visible Fridays is a partnership between IE Office of Diversity and (IN)visible Talent, a start-up focused on professional development for women created to empower and help them realize their full power and potential.   Ana Herranz, Director of IE Alumni Career Services, noticed that women were more hesitant than men about negotiating…