“This article was first published in the IE Careers Blog”  http://careers.blogs.ie.edu/2016/11/success-stories-xianshu-zeng-at-inmark-europa.html

Xianshu Zeng‘s success story is not only about professional progress. It is also proof that mobility in today’s world is possible if you have the correct pieces to the puzzle and timely effort is invested. After working for 3 years in China as a government official, in the public communications office, she came to Spain to pursue IE’s Master in Corporate Communications, hence graduating in July 2016. Upon graduation, Xianshu consolidated the jump of her life by shifting from working in the public sector to the private sector, and from her mother country China to a foreign country: Spain. She started last September as Communication Manager at Inmark’s HQ in Madrid, Spain. The company identified her as a key asset to the group, and thanks to IE’s Talent and Careers support and guidance on the Ley de Emprendedores, they were able to support her and her employer on obtaning a Spanish work permit.

How did you find out about this job opportunity?

Through the IE Career Portal’s job bank.

How did Talent and Careers and your IE experience help you during the recruiting process? Did you use specific career resources or did you come across useful information via an advisor or alumni?

IE Career Portal served as my essential source for information. I also enjoyed valuable consultancy service from Career Advisors.

Would please tell us briefly about Talent and Career’s support with your work permit process and a bit about the process itself? Tips? Suggestions?

  • You should be very clear about every legal time point in the process. When I first got the internship offer, I immediately consulted Talent and Careers for supporting advice. From Talent and Careers, I knew from the very beginning that I should renew my NIE before it expired. So I started to apply for my new NIE two months before its expiration. So you need to plan ahead. Renew your NIE and apply for a social security number before your NIE expires.
  • Another essential aspect in this process is your potential employer. The company culture and their willingness to support you is very key to the success of obtaining your working permit. There´s no way that I would have succeeded in getting this permit without the support of the company.

How was the recruiting process: stages, tests, interviews, etc.?

The first phase was to apply on-line through IE Career Portal with my CV. When my CV got selected, I went through two rounds of face-to-face interviews with the Director. I also finished a job hunting questionnaire issued by the hiring manager. In the questionnaire they asked about all past experiences, abilities and expectations in depth.

Would you want to share any tips or advice with student interested in applying to Inmark?

Besides your technical skills, I think soft skills are very important. It is key to show that you can work in a team, as well as in an international setting. Inmark is a company with branches in a variety of locations, so it´s very important to show your “international skills”.