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Female Talent Makes Headway in Leadership

By Margarita Velásquez, Director of Strategic Relations at IE Business School. The success that women have achieved as executives, middle managers, and entrepreneurs provides an example for others to follow in the promotion of future generations. The recipe for tearing down barriers and fostering social and professional empowerment includes networking, working in networks, financial training,…


What Silicon Valley can learn from Lebanon’s women in tech

WRITTEN BY: Melissa Jun Rowley. Melissa Jun Rowley is a journalist, entrepreneur and activist focused on the intersection of storytelling, technology and social justice. As the founder and CEO of Humanise, Inc., she is developing The Toolbox, a data-driven humanitarian initiative created by musician Peter Gabriel. @MelissaRowley  Article ‘What Silicon Valley can learn from Lebanon’s…


“Technology, innovation and digitalisation must be seen as sources of income and not as costs to a business”

WRITTEN BY: Amber Wigmore Álvarez.  Dr Amber Wigmore Álvarez is executive director of career services, IE Business School – Talent and Careers, Spain. You can follow her at @wigmorealvarez     Article ‘Gamification – The future of graduate recruitment’ by Amber Wigmore Álvarez.  19 May 2017. Issue No:460 Link:   A few years ago digital transformation stopped being an…